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SupportTrade as an outsourcing service provides its clients local and foreign companies with connection and networking services, i.e. finding useful business partners - buyers, suppliers, carriers, etc.

Darko Tomić

CEO & Founder

“Through my long-term career and thousands of realized projects and business tasks in the field of procurement, sales, international transport, development projects, I have been in the role of a buyer, as well as a seller and manager for years. In the role of employee, boss, and employer. I know what everyone needs.


We are focused on the success of our clients!

SupportTrade is the right choice for you if you want to explore and enter new markets, expand your customer base, improve your supply chain, but you can't do it yourself...

Support Trade gets in touch with foreign companies which it will find by monitoring demand and supply trends and market research...

Support trade provides support to its clients in the procurement of necessary raw materials, components, tools, equipment, machines, etc

We have active cooperation and communication with dozens of domestic and foreign carriers and forwarders, thanks to what we are specialized to..

We are able to offer our clients planning and management of a complete business project...

The Support Trade agency is here to help, first of all, domestic manufacturers, companies, exporters and importers to find the necessary partners, customers, goods, services, solutions, etc.

our approach

A new generation of successful Business Opportunities

We pay maximum attention to our clients, we build mutual trust based on mutual interests in order to achieve the best possible mutual cooperation.

  • Sales and procurement
  • Market research and networking
  • Project management
  • Logistics and forwarding
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SupportTRADE 17/08/2022

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Outsourcing is one of the most important business trends today. Looking for a way to effectively reduce costs, companies have...

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