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About Us

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We deal with supply and demand on an international level. We want to support our local producers. First of all, in terms of the placement, that is, the sale of their products, but also in the procurement of the necessary raw materials, repair materials, machines, equipment, tools, logistics solutions, import-export procedures, etc.


 A new business model and a new way of cooperation, which is not generally present on the market, was designed over the years, observing the needs of entrepreneurs, producers, and employers.


The MISSION of Support Trade is to provide support to domestic production companies in entering the new side of the market, and increasing profits through commercial operations.


Support Trade's VISION is to have a network of its commercial agents around the world that will provide outsourcing support to manufacturers.

  • We provide support to manufacturers,
  • We research the market,
  • We find buyers, suppliers and other external collaborators,
  • We make contacts,
  • We establish collaborations,
  • We hold meetings and presentations,
  • We promote,
  • We collect offers as needed,
  • We provide support in creating offers,
  • We contract jobs,
  • We provide support in contract drafting,
  • We organize deliveries, shipments, transports,
  • Complete logistic support in international affairs,
  • Support for import, export, packaging, labeling, preparation of packing list,
  • We monitor cooperation and implementation of contracts,
  • Follow up with customers, suppliers and other external collaborators,
  • Visiting fairs, promotion at fairs,
  • Relations with chambers of commerce and foreign trade and similar institutions on behalf of the client,
  • Support for personnel and internal services in commercial affairs,
  • Monitoring of billing and financial transfers,
  • We represent our clients on the international market,
  • We increase the efficiency and effectiveness of existing regular internal services and relieve them,
  • Through work and cooperation with internal services, we build up their skills, self-confidence and expertise,
  • We build the image, recognition and presence of the client on the international market and maintain good relations with external collaborators on behalf of the client.
About the Founder

Biography of Darko Tomić

Darko Tomić is a graduate economist in business information systems from the Faculty of Economics in Subotica, born in Bijeljina in 1985.

In 2011, although he had no experience and in spite of huge competition, he got a job at the Microcredit Foundation "Mi Bospo" in Bijeljina, where he worked for 4 years as a loan officer and analyst for retail loans, and spent most of his working time in field sales.


 After only 2 years of work at the Microcredit Foundation, Darko started his own private business - Fast food pizzeria "Express pizza". He successfully ran this business for 4 years, during which he personally dealt with HR, product design, marketing, administration, interior design, etc.


In 2016, he applied for the position of director for Bosnia and Herzegovina in one of the largest shoe chains from Serbia, "Metro shoes", where he got a job.


 After that business in Bosnia and Herzegovina was enabled, employed and trained workers, the largest shoe store in Bosnia and Herzegovina was opened.


At the beginning of 2017 Darko decided having sympathy for the metal industry and a close relationship with the owner of the factory, Mr. Slavenko Ristic, to continue his career in the factory of dedicated industry Technical overhaul in Bratunac.

There he started working in procurement, but soon, after only six months, he was promoted to head of all commercial operations - sales, procurement, transport, foreign trade, warehouses, marketing, etc.


Given that he excelled in this industry, and was highly motivated for business achievements, Darko began to achieve outstanding results in these jobs in this company.


He rapidly increased the network of contacts around the world, established business processes, forms and procedures in the company, trained and employed staff, raised the level of staff training and the capacities of the sector he managed, promoted the company at international fairs in Paris, Abu Dhabi, Nuremberg, Cairo and many other countries of the world.


Very quickly, he began to bring and implement million-dollar sales contracts, from the first contact with new customers to the delivery of goods and billing. Independently or with the team he managed, he carried out very complex procurements, deliveries, shipments, imports and exports, loading, unloading, local and international transport of both standard and civil goods (tools, machines, electrical materials, raw materials) and goods on the regime license, that is, weapons and military equipment - pistols, rifles, ammunition, vehicles, parts for weapons and machinery for the production of ammunition.


Given that this company was involved in development projects, as an economist, that is, a commercialist, he actively participated in the development of those products, as part of the development teams, and made significant contributions to their development.


In the middle of 2022, Darko decided to continue his career independently by focusing his knowledge, experience, motivation, energy, contacts and acquaintances on starting and raising his private Start Up business.

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